1. Glen Hansard and Sam Beam Cover “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” | KCRW Music Blog
    11/1/2014 11:41am
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  2. manmanbandband:

Louisville Slugged by the Bambino. #deadagain
  3. hoganhere:

Marry Me, Mako Miyamoto! http://www.makomiyamoto.com/work/
Thank you, as ever to http://featureshoot.tumblr.com/
  4. Joe Strummer and the 101ers.
  5. Son Little video shoot for “The River.”
  6. A fan of The Antlers modeling one of the band’s immensely fashionable scarves.
  7. bigpigink:

Go follow the amazing @seanrowe11 , if you haven’t heard his music you can check out his new video for Shine My Diamond Ring on you tube, or listen to his first two studio albums on Spotify. One of the most exciting artists in music at the moment! #seanrowe #seanrowemusic #sketch #sketchdaily #art #instart #diamondring #musician #portrait