1. Saintseneca's Zac Little “Mountain dreamz.”  Photo skills of VIKESH KAPOOR
  2. Tinariwen performing in Boston
  3. Lost In The Trees performing at Third Space in Davis California.
  4. More info here.
  5. The Melodic: Things we have learned on tour so far:
1- Every air-mattress has a hole. 2- Your shoe makes a perfect cup holder in the van.  3- Pod casts will save your sanity.  4- Bring your own soap, hotel soap will make you itch. 5- Have multiple phone chargers, you will lose them. 6- The most important item next to your instruments is a pillow. 7- Bring a soccer ball(football). 8- At&t has far better coverage than T Mobile.  9- Mobile Wifi is a game changer.  10-Airlines don’t check if you have 1 carry-on or 3. 11-Add 2 hours on any drive. 12-Half of the sound guys are failed musicians, so they will hate you immediately.  13-Ask fans to stay at their house, chances are you will be in a mansion. 14-Bring a personal flashlight.  15-Beef Jerky is not an actual meal. That goes for anything else you will find in a gas station. 16-Music will break any barrier.
  6. Arc Iris.
  7. Kate Bush “I am delighted to announce that we will be performing some live shows this coming August and September.
I hope you will be able to join us and I look forward to seeing you there.We’ll keep you updated with further news on the web site. Meanwhile, all details of concert dates and tickets are in the note below.
Very best wishes,” - Kate

Dates here.
  8. "All of the members of Tinariwen are incredibly talented musicians, with impressive solos from most of the members, though the frenetic bass riffs of Eyadou Ag Leche often stole the show. The members frequently used call and response in its performance, and members built off each other well, with their solos swirling together in a dynamic fashion." - The Red And Black
  9. Red Beans and Weiss, the newest album from Los Angeles legend Chuck E. Weiss will be released April 15th on Anti-
  10. The Melodic at SXSW.    See more pics here.
  11. Dr. Dog, “Check out all these dudes just chillin after a rad tour! We’re going to lay low for now, but we’ll be back before you know it. Thanks to everyone! See you soon.”